Puzzle Hint:


l u * * i * * y o u * * * * h e r ( lukeiamyourfather )

_u k e_a m y__ r f a t h__



Wonder around Star Systems trying to find and decrypt alien transmitions.

This is an experiment project for the Fermi Paradox Jam.

There are TWO endings, one for cracking the A and B messages and other for the 1 2 3 messages.



Arrows: Right/Left - Rotate Ship - Up/Down - Accelerate/Deaccelerate

X: Faster Acceleration

Shift: HyperDrive

Landing: Collide with the planet to land and move forward to take off


Made by:

@MatheusMortatti - Game Design, Code and Art

@PHString - Game Design and Writting


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Awesome! Imma play this more when I get extra free teim :D